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Acer MPF

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microprofessor series

  • Early 1984 (February?), there was a small notice about MPF-PC, 8088 and MS/DOS 2.0 compatible. In the same issue, an upset owner of MPF-II had written a letter complaining about the poor compatibility between it and Apple II, referencing Personal Computer World in September 1983 who had an article about only a small fraction of the Apple software would run on the MPF. The magazine idly wondered if the MPF-PC would be more IBM PC compatible than the II was Apple compatible.
  • During Spring (March-April 1984), in a third magazine there was a MPF-II users' page with a few simple Basic programs. If the mother company had changed its name to Acer around then, the users' club surely should have made a mention about it?
  • Last evidence I have was in the Classifieds section where someone sold a second-hand MPF-II as late as November 1984. The MPF-PC was never mentioned anywhere in these following magazines, and neither was Acer as a company. It doesn't say so much though.

MPF-II is only 6502 base machine , it is not well compatible with the apple-II In fact , some 6502 pc even claimed to be " MPF-II" compatible

Multitech who had a number of models, of which some may have been produced in the name of other companies: Z80 models: MPF-I, MPF-IA, MPF-IB and MPF-IP 6502 models: MPF-II, MPF-III 8088 models: MPF-1/88, MPF-PC (possibly even a 80286 model)

I think in Sweden, only the MPF-II was ever mentioned in a computer magazine, as an inexpensive and quite legal (compared to the direct clones) alternative to an Apple. Or maybe I'm too young to have read older magazines mentioning the Z80 training computers.

multitech is the old name of Acer co. the Acer co. from Taiwan started their bussiness in the late 1970. Their name at that time is Multitech and Z80 based micro professor -1 series is their first product. then in the apple II time, they produced 6502 based MPF-II

in the early 1980 , the Multitech wanted to enter the market of Europe and they was advised to use an easier pronounciated name.the "Acer" was created at last. I remember that they paid a lot of money for someone to invent this name . There is a few year (probably 1-2 years) that both name was used by the Acer co. I have the Acer 610 ,700 pc , they have both the Multitech and Acer logo. (i believe the acer 710 also has both logo on it but i dont have one . 610 , 700 and 710 are 8088 based pc , but the processor is a V20 class processor produced by SAB) Finally , the Acer gave up the logo of Multitech because Acer is easier for pronounciation and memory. Today , the logo of multitech was owned and used by a different company which has no relation with the MPF series.

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