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PSPCAP32 v1.4.0 [PSP]

Дата: 02.06.08 21:46    Рубрика: Amstrad CPC    Просмотров: 853 Печать

Обновился эмулятор Amstrad CPC под PSP. Изменения смотрите в подробнее.

What's new in version 1.4.0 :

- Major speed improvements, frame rate reached 55 fps at 222Mhz on startup and 67 fps at 266Mhz
- Fix IR keyboard issue with fw >= 3.80 for FAT PSP
- Add gzipped disk file support, reduce disk file size 190k to 20k ! (you may gzip original dsk file using www.7-zip.org). Of course, gzipped disk files are also browsable using disk explorer inside the emulator, and when possible, they can be run automatically.
- Add eboot's music
- A thumbnail image is now displayed in the file requester while selecting any file with the same name of a previously saved game (snapshot, disk, keyboard, settings). It might be very helpful to recognize that game later if you have thousand different games in your disk and snapshot folders !
- The virtual keyboard is now usable in the file requester menu to choose the first letter of the game you search !
- In the emulator menu you can go directly to keyboard and settings menu using the L-Trigger key.
- Fix random black screen issue
- Source code can now be compiled to build a linux version

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