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PCSX Rerecording v0.1.3 [Windows]

Дата: 06.04.10 19:06    Рубрика: PlayStation    Просмотров: 1141 Печать

Обновилось неофициальное ответвление от эмулятора PSX - PCSX, но которое умеет записывать видеопрохождения. Изменения в подробностях, качаем по первой ссылке.

У меня правда Касперский заругался на якобы наличие вируса внутри, однако, зачастую, это все уловки бюрократии..

Эта версия с изменениями сборок 188-247:

  • Refactoring, savestate reverb state
  • Overhaul xa buffering so it is now savestate-safe.
  • Added updated metaspu; fix random spu bugs; add continue menu item; mute when escaping to menu
  • Pause after playback should not be the default option. That falls under the realm of an advanced user option. Setting to off by default.
  • Apply recent Lua changes of snes9x: * accept a table for color value. * add gui.parsecolor, joypad.getup, joypad.getdown. * gui.line, gui.box, joypad.get becomes like Gens. * win32: add a menu to Lua window, add "Font..." and "Clear" items.
  • Added Lua Console, fix some dialog bugs
  • Fixed dynarec, spu cleanups and work on innerworkings
  • Fixed bug in panning and in savestates, remove hacky reverb mode, bind some of the new systems up to the config dialog, re-add cubic interpolation, cleanup
  • Added another irq generation mode
  • Added support for another irq triggering method, and do some cleanup
  • Fixed some irq modes, add a poopy autoadjusting buffer which plays samples at 1:1 correct hardware rate by stupidly lurching about.
  • Fixed a bug with some truncated samples, and re-add interpolation modes, hardcoded to gaussian for now
  • Fixed some more basic playback bugs and attempt to handle fmod
  • Rewrite spu savestates, fix some basic playback bugs
  • Fixed plugin configure dialog
  • Readded xa playback
  • Move iso plugin into core. add ability to launch iso from commandline. device cdr (including virtual drive) support is now gone.
  • Begin rewriting spu. spu moved into the core, converted to cpp, began some purging, re-enabled basic playback+reverb. useless for tas right now but we´ll get it back up to speed.
  • Lua: register entire LuaBitOp library.
  • Get rid of the annoying crash when canceling from the iso open dialog
  • Paste a better console opener function from desmume that does a better job redirecting stdout
  • Allow dynarec to pass nx bit in win32 by setting execute access permission
  • Replaced Lua bit operations with LuaBitOp 1.0.1. Now it can handle the sign bit (bit 31) correctly.
  • Added table keys info
  • Save frame/lag count even if no movie is active
  • Fixed paths for plugins and bios
  • Fixed wrong hotkey names
  • Set current directory from filename (for dofile)
  • Disable auto-pause after running a Lua script

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