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NeoPopX v6 [Xbox]

Дата: 29.04.10 00:49    Рубрика: Neo Geo Pocket    Просмотров: 609 Печать

Обновился наконец таки и эмулятор портативки Neo Geo Pocket (в том числе и Color вариант) под оригинальный Xbox. Все в подробнее читаем..

Скачать либо с Megaupload либо с Rapidshare. Измнения:

*** Changes To NeoPopX Core ***

* Given the full "Madmab Edition" treatment.
* New dual-preview skin to support Ressurection Xtra's. Say thank you to Gilou9999 for the skin.
* "Auto Game Configurations (aka Configuration defaults)" added (see below description).

*** To Do For NeoPopX ***

- Eh?

*** Interface Related Changes ***

A gazillion changes, read the Latest-Snes9x.txt file.


**** Carryovers from Atarixlbox ****

A gazillion changes carried over from Atarixlbox. Read the Latest-Snes9x.txt file.

*** "Auto Game Configurations (aka Configuration defaults) for select emulators ***
In the "General settings" menu there will be a new option.

"Automatically Use Default Game Configuration - Yes/No"

If the user sets it to "Yes" it will bring up the game configuration screen and let the user define the default (if no default.stg and default.key file exists).

In the "Configuration" menu there will be a new option... "Set default game configuration"

The user can go in anytime thru the "Configuration" menu to change these "defaults" to something else if they wish.

Once set to "Automatically use Default Game Configuration" the user will not see the game configuration screen again unless they... a) press X when selecting a game. Change "Use Default Game Configuration" back to "No".

Keep in mind when it is set to "Yes" the game will use your "Default game settings" and not the normal x-port behavior. If set to "No" the emulator will behave like it usually does. Each emu is typically different. But all, at the very least carry the controller settings over.

This feature will only be added to emulators in which it is feasible to use.

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