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MEKA 0.73 [Windows]

Дата: 31.05.10 03:21    Рубрика: Sega Master System    Просмотров: 1549 Печать
  • Название эмулятора: MEKA
  • Эмуляция: Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, Coleco, Othello Multivision

Наконец-таки! Мы дождались этого события. Обновился спустя почти три года известный эмулятор восьмибиток от Sega. Жаль, что это не столь весомое обновление, как можно было ожидать за три года. Но все же..

Скачать MEKA 0.73 [Windows] Скачать MEKA 0.73 [Windows]

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Изменения с версии 0.72:

- Updated MEKA license, data are now licensed under the same term as sources. The license is now unrestrictive BSD-like. [Omar]
- Removed "k" and associated donation rambling from the documentation. Donations are still welcome, at your own discretion.
- Emulation:
- Added support for "no bank switching" mapper. Used by Korean games such as "FA Tetris" and "Flash Point" which write to $fffe-$ffff range for its RAM usage but do not expect bank-switching. [Omar]
- Added support for Korean 8KB banks mapper. Used by Korean games ported from MSX such as "Penguin Adventure", "Street Master" or "Won-Si-In". [Omar]
- SC-3000:
- Fixed the ;/+/RAD key not working on Sega Keyboard emulation under certain host keyboard/OS configuration. Thanks Jacko. [Omar]
- Fixed crash in the X86 assembly implementation of the 32KB RAM mapper writer when the upper 16 bits were not cleared by the Z80 emulator. [Omar]
- Debugger:
- Added "SYM @addr" command to search for symbols given an address. [Omar]
- Added "RMAP addr" command to reverse map of a Z80 address and display the source of data based on machine state (mapper registers, etc).
RMAP $8001 ; eg: print 'ROM $14001 (Page 5 +0001)'
RMAP $E001 ; eg: print 'RAM $C001'
The feature doesn't work 100% in all mappers & bus mirroring cases, but should be ok with the standard SMS/GG mapper. [Omar]
- Duplicate commands are automatically removed from history. [Omar]
- Increased default height of the debugger. [Omar]
- Changed watch point per-frame flood limit from 100 to 50. Will expose in configuration file if requested. [Omar]
- Fixed crash when loading symbols with debugger disabled. [Djbass,Omar]
- Fixed labels showing one instruction early in "DASM" command. [Omar]
- Added breakpoint '!' mark in disassembly window. [Omar]
- GUI:
- Fixed Light Phaser and Terebi Oekaki cursor shape when switching from 32-bits GUI mode to 16-bits game only mode. [Omar]
- File browser: fixed positionning of BAD and HACK icons, which aren't overlays anymore. [Omar]
- Added Canadian flag (for DB and File Browser). [Omar]
- Fixed crash when empty gradient range are specified in theme file. [Omar]
- File browser: country flag now displayed even on BIOS, Prototypes or Homebrew images. [Omar]
- Inputs configuration: right-click on input source selection goes backward, in addition to regular left-click to go forward. [Omar]
- Localization:
- Updated Dutch localization [Mark van Tilburg]
- Miscellaenous:
- Added "Capture" menu with screen capture menu access and options. [Maxim]
- Added "Capture All" mode, capturing all emulation frames to disk. [Maxim]
- Added "Include GUI" capture option. Disable to only capture game screen when MEKA GUI is enabled. [Maxim]
- Renamed "Automatically crop and align screen captures" option to more explicit "Crop and align screen captures to 8x8 boundaries".
Previous name was sounding too "cool" and was sometimes activated by innocent users who then got their capture all cropped. [Omar]
- Added "screenshots_crop_scrolling_column" option in configuration file (default to enabled), to disable cropping the empty left-most column in horizontally scrolling games. [Omar]
- Project:
- (Win32) Fixed standard libraries used by debug builds (using unusual combination led to various problems). Fixed various link warnings. Fixed shared directories between DLL and No DLL builds. [Omar]
- Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists. [Omar]

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