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Mednafen 0.9.19 WIP [Windows]

Дата: 01.02.12 22:36    Рубрика: Мультисистемные эмуляторы    Просмотров: 2156 Печать

  • Название эмулятора: Mednafen
  • Эмуляция: Atari Lynx, Game Gear, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, Genesis, Neo Geo Pocket, NES, PC-Engine, PC-Engine CD, Playstation, SNES, SuperGrafx, PC-FX, Sega Master System, Wonderswan

Обновился хороший многосистемный эмулятор под Windows. В основном это корректирующий и улучшающий эмуляцию билд. Изменения в подробнее.


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Официальный сайт.

  • Improved PSX emulation.
  • GameBoy system type selection(though not completely implemented for the case of selecting CGB for a DMG game).
  • For NES emulation, improved iNES mapper 69 expansion sound emulation accuracy.
  • Default video settings that make more sense with modern desktop PC setups.
  • Experimental support for interpolation on only one axis without the use of a pixel shader, via new values for the <system>.videoip setting.
  • New pixel shaders "autoip" and "autoipsharper", and a different algorithm for "ipsharper", "ipxnotysharper", and "ipynotxsharper".
  • New video stretch modes, "aspect_int" and "aspect_mult2".
  • Changed "video.glvsync" setting semantics to make forcibly disabling vsync simpler.
  • Added new setting "video.blit_timesync", which can be set to 0 to reduce video latency by up to 1 frame, though with caveats.
  • Support for screen rotation for all supported emulated systems, and remapped the rotate button from "F8" to "ALT + O".
  • Increased the maximum supported sound output rate to 1048576 Hz.
  • Win32 build now compiled with gcc 4.5.4-prerelease(with flag -mstackrealign for the time being to work around a memory alignment issue, which may hurt performance).

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