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FB Alpha v0.2.97.24 [Windows]

Дата: 29.03.12 19:05    Рубрика: Arcade    Просмотров: 1703 Печать
  • Название эмулятора: FB Alpha
  • Эмуляция: Arcade

Новая версия эмулятора Final Burn Alpha, который на данный момент эмулирует железо CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo-Geo, Toaplan, Cave, Sega System 16 и другое под Windows. Изменения в подробнее..

Что новенького:

  • Rewrote the DAC core, improving performance and timing [iq_132]
  • Updated the Mogura and The FairyLand Story drivers to use the new DAC core [iq_132]
  • Updated the Armed Formation, King & Balloon, Irem M72 and M90, Route16, Sega System 16A, SunA16, Terra Cresta, The New Zealand Story, Vigilante drivers to use the new DAC core [Barry]
  • Fixed the new DAC core with GCC 3.4.5 [Barry]
  • Updated Z80 cycle counting, improving accuracy [iq_132]
  • Added cycle counting to the I8039 CPU core [iq_132]
  • Updated PGM driver making Bee Storm - DoDonPachi II and Demon Front playable [iq_132]
  • Added Fantasic and Kong to the Galaxian driver [Barry]
  • Added Arange Mode hack of DoDonPachi to the Cave driver [JacKc]
  • Added clone of 1941 to the CPS-1 driver [Bonky0013, JacKc, Techmotour]
  • Added clone of King of Dragons to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of UniWar S to the Galaxian driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of Deer Hunting to the Seta2 driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of Super Chase to the Taito driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of Arkanoid 2 to the The New Zealand Story driver [Barry]
  • Added 1945 Part 2 (hack of Battle Garegga) to the Toaplan-2 driver [Barry]
  • Fixed sound samples in the Kageki driver [Barry]
  • Fixed sample sounds in King & Balloon [Barry]
  • Fixed 68000 CPU speed in Best of the Best driver [iq_132, reported by Cmart]
  • Updated dip switches in the Side Pocket driver [Barry]
  • Changed CPS-1 sprite timing for bootlegs/hacks that render the sprites in reverse order [Barry, identied by manliodp]
  • Big-endian fixes for Data East, various Misc, and PGM drivers [lantus]
  • Added Unicode title for 1945 Part 2 [JacKc]
  • Added support for insane cheat file lengths [Barry, reported by money_114]
  • Fixed issue with the load progress dialog not being killed when loading unavailable sets [Barry, reported by BisonSAS]
  • Fixed crash if SampleInit is called without a sample list [iq_132]
  • Removed sek.h and zet.h from burnint.h, and added to drivers where necessary [Barry]
  • Synced sets with MAME 0.145u5 [Barry]

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