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ep128emu v2.0.6 [Windows, Linux]

Дата: 14.12.08 21:29    Рубрика: Enterprise    Просмотров: 873 Печать

Обновился вроде бы единственный современный эмулятор Enterprise 128.

  • Various improvements have been made to the debugger:
    • memory read watchpoints can have a type of r or x to break on data or Z80 instruction reads only; the Ignore data reads button has been removed
    • new "step" buttons for stepping to the target of any conditional branch instruction (Step into), the 16-bit address at the top of the stack (Return), or any 16-bit address specified by the user (Step to)
    • the memory dump, CPU, and I/O register displays include more information now
    • in addition to the default hexadecimal format, it is also possible to specify numbers in the monitor in binary (e.g. %1010), octal (12o), and decimal (10l) format
    • the Step over button can also be used to skip conditional JP and JR instructions
    • fixed the flickering window effect while using the step buttons
  • Several new GUI keyboard shortcuts have been added; since these shortcuts can only be triggered while the Alt key is pressed, in the default configuration only the right Alt key (and, on Windows, the menu key) are bound to the Enterprise emulation now.
  • Native file dialogs are used instead of FLTK on Windows.
  • Some improvements have been made to the installer:
    • many new ROM files and machine configurations are installed
    • on Windows, it is possible to associate snapshot and demo files with the emulator
    • ROM images are downloaded as a single compressed archive, rather than separate uncompressed .rom files, for faster installation
    • the Win32 emulator executable has an icon and includes file information now
  • FILE: is the default device on startup when using the epfileio.rom extension.
  • Floppy drive emulation improvements: implemented the 'write track' command (formatting), image file I/O is buffered for improved performance when using real disks, and a few emulation bugs have been fixed.
  • In the memory configuration, ROM files can also be loaded to segments 40h to 43h.
  • Video display improvements and bug fixes; the screen is no longer blanked while the emulator is paused; interlace effect is also displayed at lower quality settings (1 and 2) in OpenGL mode.
  • Some NICK emulation fixes (note: the timing of demos recorded with older emulator versions may possibly be incorrect).
  • If there is an error initializing the display in OpenGL mode on Linux, the emulator will automatically switch the buffering mode, or fall back to software video to fix the problem.
  • Screenshots are saved in 256 color RLE compressed BMP format now, instead of TGA.
  • A few minor user interface improvements in the display, sound, and disk configuration windows.
  • The process priority of the emulator can be set in the menu (this is currently only implemented on Windows).
  • If not specified by the user, the extension is automatically added to file names by the file dialogs when saving files.
  • New 'Gtk+' GUI theme (-colorscheme 3).
  • Various minor bug fixes.
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