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DSP Emulator v0.12b3 [Windows]

Дата: 08.03.12 03:07    Рубрика: Мультисистемные эмуляторы    Просмотров: 2679 Печать

Обновился многосистемный эмулятор ZX Spectrum и не только для Windows (также есть сборка для Linux). DSP Emulator по-правде сказать, мне не нравился некоторой топорностью и потрескиванием звука.

Скачать DSP Emulator v0.12b3 [Windows] Скачать DSP Emulator v0.12b3 [Windows]

Список изменений:

    + Delphi
        - Added a project to compile in Delphi XE2 (and in then future 64-bit)
        - Fixed problems when you pushed a button on the main window, it loose the focus of the game window
    + Lazarus/Free Pascal
        - Added the ZlibEx libraries in Windows and Linux (32bit) eliminated the problems of compression/decompression in Spectrum (DSP and SZX formats) and Coleco snapshots
        - Fixed a bug finding out the length of a file
        - Added the NES driver, now all drivers are equally in Delphi and Lazarus
        - Changes to the code to begin the compilation on 64bits. It works on linux (except Zlib libraries), but not in Windows yet.
        - Fixed bug when displaying the preview image of the drivers in the selection menu
        - Added choice of base directories in the configuration menu
        - Fixed problems with window focus in games like Delphi, but only on Windows not Linux
    + MB88XX: New CPU, missing some opcodes
    + Namco IO: Added Namco IO 53XX (some bugs on MB88XX)
    + Fixed bug, the driver was working was not marked in the main menu
    + N2A03 Sound: Added sound chip (missing DPCM)
    + Timers: Improved response for very fast timers
    + Cleaning/improving the code in the load ROMS/Snapshots/Tapes to enhance stability
    + Fixed bug which showed twice the error message when the ZIP file is missing
    + Added redefine keys to 'insert coin'/'start player' in main menu
    + Samples
        - Improved playback system
        - Added possibility to repeat the sample immediately or only when it ends
        - Added automatic loop function
        - Added a function to stop all the samples
    + Fixed when not showing anything on the screen if the screen was inverted and the video was not 1X
    + Fixed a bug that did not properly cleaned and audio samples sounded strange noises
    + Fixed aestetic bugs
    + Lazarus/Free Pascal: Fixed the button to enable/disable fast load, not working
    + Corrected PZX tape loading
    + Fixed the background color when loading a snapshot
    + Added sound (N2A03)
    + Fixed sprites
-GameBoy / GameBoy Color
    + Fixed startup of the GameBoy Color when the BIOS file is not present
    + No longer displays error message when unable to load the BIOS
-Donkey Kong Hardware
    + Fixed sprites (displaced 1 pixel)
    + Added invert screen
        - Donkey Kong: Added full sound with samples
        - Donkey Kong Jr.: Added driver with full sample sounds
        - Donkey Kong 3: Added driver with sound (2xN2A03)
    + Fixed audio did not work without samples
-Super Basketball
    + Fixed scroll 1 pixel
    + ROMs updated to version I
    + Added invert screen
-Exed Exes
    + Fixed audio CPU IRQ generation
    + Fixed cuts on sprites
-Irem M62
    + Simplified video system and initiated video screens
-Burger Time
    + Updated audio NMI generation
    + Fixed loading audio ROM
-Green Beret
    + Fixed video rate to 60.60fps
    + Fixed generation of IRQ's and NMI's
-Ghost'n Goblins
    + Fixed a stupid bug in the video cache
-Galaga Hardware
    + Digdug: Added driver with sound. Some errors in reading the IO's (dipswitches)
-Mario Bros.
    + Added full sound with samples
    + Added invert screen
-Capcom System 1 (CPS1)
    + Fixed vertical scroll
-Sega System 16A
    + Fixed a bug initializing the palette
    + Added driver with sound
-Pirate Ship Higemaru
    + Added driver with sound

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