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BS Special Tee Shot

BS Special Tee Shot BS Special Tee Shot игра
  • Система: Super Nintendo
  • Игроков: 2
  • Издатель: Nintendo
  • Год выпуска: 1996


I played "Kirby’s Dream Course" and loved it, and once I had finished it, I began to get depressed because, as far as I could determine, it was the only game of its kind, on any console or computer format. Then one day, browsing through the bargain bin at my local flea market, I came across a cartridge that had a picture on it that looked remarkably similar to the kinds of courses played in the Kirby game. So I picked it up for a few bucks, went home and fired up the SNES. I didn’t sleep much that night.

"Special Tee Shot" is, like Kirby’s Dream Course, (webmasters note: Special Tee Shot was later redesigned and released as Kirby’s Dream Course) a game that combines miniature golf, pool and some wacky cartoon elements with awesome gameplay to give you more than your money’s worth. The basic premise of the game is simple - succeed in making par for a course, and you are allowed to continue to the next, harder level. There are eight holes on each course, but take note that making par, even on the ’beginner’ stage, is very hard indeed. And it is this level of difficulty that makes the game so addictive - you are never made to feel as though the game cannot be beaten. Victory is always tantalisingly within your grasp, but a preternatural will and skill are required to make that ever-elusive par.

The graphics are stunningly and lovingly created in isometric 3D, and the 3D is used to very good effect on most of the levels. Water hazards look watery, and sand patches look and behave like sand, as they should. The animation of the ball and hazards is truly awesome, and movement between holes is straightforward and doesn’t interrupt the playing experience too much. The graphic designer(s) have managed to strike a fine balance between the cutesy cartoon element and the serious strategy element - things look cartoony, but when you need pixel-perfect ball placement, it’s easy to achieve.

The hazards and helpers in "Special Tee Shot" are many and varied, giving you flowers that sing if your little red ball (who just happens to be the cutesy hero of the game) knocks into them, passionless blobs of water with eyes that suck your ball in and make you lose a stroke, and strange glass cones that knock your ball about like it’s in a pinball machine.

It took me about two minutes to get to grips with the control method - like many golf games on consoles, you line up your shot, hit the button, select your spin, hit the button again and time your next press to control the power of the shot. And, though this control method is very simple, it takes a good few games to master. All of which adds to the replayability of the game, as you always feel that you could have done better if only you’d given the ball a little left spin on that last shot.

The music in the game is of very high quality as SNES music goes, with the main title managing to be memorable without being annoying, and various little signature tunes are used to good effect when specific events happen. The very cute singing flowersare a nice touch, even though you’ll generally want to avoid making them sing, as it usually means a dropped stroke.

All told, "Special Tee Shot" is a game well worth checking out. If you generally hate golf games, this may be the one that makes you re-evaluate your attitude. However, if you’re a shoot-em-up or RPG afficionado, you might want to steer clear of it. - Frank Bailey 81%

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