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Angelique - Premium Box

Angelique - Premium Box Angelique - Premium Box игра
  • Система: Super Nintendo
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Koei
  • Год выпуска: 1995


Angelique is a funtastic little simulation game series first released by Koei in 1994. At its release, it was touted as being the first game aimed at girls. It is a rather girly game; the main character, Angelique, is female, and has the opportunity to date up to nine bishounens throughout the course of the game. Since its release, it has spawned several other Angelique games on platforms including the Super Nintendo, Playstation 2, and Game Boy Advance. In fact, it became so popular in Japan that it has toys, mangas, and all sorts of other fun things based off of the Angelique series.

At the beginning of the game, the current Queen of the Universe, Angelique, tells her top aide, an angel named Dia, that she has decided that it is time to select a new queen. Two candidates are brought forth - a girl named Angelique (all queens of the universe seem to be named Angelique), and a snobby classmate of hers named Rosalia de Katherine. The translation on her name is kind of iffy, I translated it as ’’Katherine’’, but others say it’s ’’Catargena’’. Anyway, when Rosalia and Angelique meet the first thing that Rosalia does is to make a point to insult Angelique (you have an opportunity to name her, but Angelique is the suggested name). When they walk into the throne room, they see Queen Angelique and the 9 Guardian Sages. After a short talk where the main character names herself and tells the Queen her Zodiac sign and blood type (which affects the main character’s compatability with her dates later on in the game), Dia leads Angelique and Rosalia to their task.

To prove that they are worthy of becoming Queen of the Universe, Angelique and Rosalia must cultivate the people of their own respective continents. If they pass the Queen Examination, whoever does best will become the Queen of the Universe.

But there’s another aspect of the game - dating. You see, the nine Guardian Sages are all bishounens, and eligible bachelors at that. Angelique has her pick from these nine guys:

Julious, Guardian Sage of Light
Clavis, Guardian Sage of Darkness
Lumiale, Guardian Sage of Water
Oscar, Guardian Sage of Fire
Marcel, Guardian Sage of Forests
Randy, Guardian Sage of Wind
Zephel, Guardian Sage of Steel
Luva, Guardian Sage of Earth
Olivie, Guardian Sage of Dreams

To cultivate her continent, Angelique must go to the houses of the Guardian Sages each day and request that they send power to the planet. After a while, she might start to get attracted to one of them, flirt, and even go on dates. But at the end of the game, Angelique must choose between love and duty - if she chooses to stay with her lover, then she forfeits her chance to become Queen to the snobby Rosalia; but if she decides to be the Queen, she will never be able to be with her boyfriend on anything other than business terms (sadly, this happened to Clavis with the last Queen).

The gameplay of this game is generally pretty solid and easy to work with; it’s very Japanese, so make sure you know some before you jump straight into the game. The downside is that the first half an hour or so of the game is one big, long, looooong cut scene introducing you to all the characters. The graphics are fairly decent for a Super Nintendo game; not the caliber of FFIII (American), but better than average. Angelique’s soundtrack is decent as well, and generally very fitting throughout the game.

Overall, this game comes highly recommended from me (and a huge number of Japanese fangirls). Visit some fansites and check out what the game is about - just because it was designed for girls doesn’t mean that a guy can’t enjoy it equally.

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