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Shockwave Shockwave игра Shockwave game
  • Система: Nintendo - Dendy
  • Жанр: Arcade, Puzzle
  • Игроков: 2
  • Рейтинг:  55%
  • Издатель: AGCI
  • Год выпуска: 1990


Box Text:
The Tarian race has long since died out, and would be just as long forgotten, were it not for the relics of power they left behind. An amazing warp suit, that allows movement through the dimensions, and the shockwave pistol, delivering tremendous bursts of energy. This energy is derived from special crystals, of which few remain.
Rastons, ancient enemies of the Tarians, have returned to claim these relics. They have employed a dimension field generator to create a rift in space and time. The Tarian relics are the only chance of destroying the generator and sealing the tear...You have been chosen.
Donning the warp suit and pistol, you must use the few remaining crystal shards to power your journey through the rift. You must solve the riddle of the mazes to defeat the generator and seal the rift. Tarian legends speak of mazes without end. Keep your wits about you! Return quickly, our universe is counting on you!
At last...a thrilling video game at an affordable price!
New puzzles and obstacles challenge every level of play.
Personalized codes allow you to re-start the game at any level.

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