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Rad Racer 2

Rad Racer 2 Rad Racer 2 игра Rad Racer 2 game Rad Racer 2 jeux
  • Система: Nintendo - Dendy
  • Жанр: Racing, Auto
  • Игроков: 1
  • Рейтинг:  65%
  • Издатель: Square
  • Год выпуска: 06.1990


Box Text:
Speed, Thrills and Glory!
Feel the exhiliaration of road racing with lightening [sic] fast Turbo Boost acceleration to 250 miles per hour. Plus the sensational ups and downs of zooming over rugged terrain in the hottest cars on the road today. All it takes to handle the action is skill, reflexes and nerves of steel.
Drive to Win!
Rad Racer II gives you all-out access to 8 of the most challenging race courses ever! Including the streets of New York City, Las Vega and San Francisco. You’ll feel more sense of speed and more responsivenesss than ever before. And you can test your skills in both nighttime and daytime driving conditions. With realistic new graphics, dynamic new music and perilous new challenges -- including dizzying spinouts that make Rad Racer II the most fun you’ve ever had behind the wheel!

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