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Panorama Cotton

Panorama Cotton Panorama Cotton игра Panorama Cotton game
  • Система: Sega MegaDrive, 32x
  • Игроков: 1
  • Рейтинг:  70%
  • Издатель: Success, Sunsoft
  • Год выпуска: 1994


A 3D first-person perspective arcade Стрелялка whose plot
concerns the misadventures of a superdeformed red-headed
witch. This was but one of many products inspired by a
well-known and popular Японский manga character.

Gameplay is actually halfway decent, with lots of
oncoming stuff to dodge and shoot. Lots of powerups,
and options which can fly in different formations.

Graphically, this game is astounding - from the
picturesque anime-style cinemas to its polygonal
scrolling backgrounds. Unfortunately, the scaling is
rather choppy - as is common with games of this type.
It’s no competition for the SNES StarFox, but man - it
was oh-so-cool for thes time.

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