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NHL All-Star Hockey ’95

NHL All-Star Hockey ’95 NHL All-Star Hockey ’95 игра NHL All-Star Hockey ’95 game NHL All-Star Hockey ’95 jeux
  • Система: Sega MegaDrive, 32x
  • Игроков: 2
  • Рейтинг:  60%
  • Издатель: Electronic Arts
  • Разработчик: Park Place, High Score, TH*Q
  • Год выпуска: 1995


Real hockey, real players, real Экшн. Skate with the game’s greatest players as you go head-to-head with over 500 professional hockey stars. Challenge faster, more more intimidating goalies, injure key opposing players, and track individual player stats. (Electronic Arts)

This series has earned a worldwide reputation for its overall excellence, and its easy to see why. Excellent sound and graphics throughout the series, and the gameplay ROCKS, plain and simple.

This series was released under the name Elitserien in the German and Scandanavian markets, and under the name EA International Hockey in other world locales. The only real difference is that those titles feature teams and players from around the world instead of the American National Hockey League (NHL). The variants listed below are the American ones, but should also apply to their non-American cousins under the appropriate name.

NHL Hockey 91 (the first in the series - not as impressive graphically as its sequels, but a good start nonetheless - the Euro variant is referred to as
"EA Hockey - European League" in Bruce Cantin’s Genesis FAQ)
NHL Hockey 92 (so much like the first game, except for the team rosters, that it’s often hard to tell them apart - one clue is the different artwork used in the title screens)
NHLPA Hockey 93 (significant improvements in graphics, sound, and gameplay, and the best in the series before High Score Productions got their on-screen credit)
NHL Hockey 94 (not as good as its immediate precursor, the game tunes just plain stink - what a waste)
NHL 95 (the first of the High Score games, and a big improvement over the previous installment)
NHL 96 (the most balanced of the NHL Hockey series, and the "house favorite" among fans of the sport)
NHL 97 (no observable difference between this and NHL 96 apart from the music and the team rosters; there is also a user-hacked Czech version apparently out there)
NHL 98 (identical to NHL 97 for all practical purposes aside from the team rosters)

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