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Spacefight 2091 (SCHIP)

Spacefight 2091 (SCHIP) Spacefight 2091 (SCHIP) игра Spacefight 2091 (SCHIP) game
  • Система: RCA Chip-8
  • Жанр: Shoot’Em Up
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Carsten Soerensen
  • Год выпуска: 16.09.1992


Spacefight 2091 - клон Space Invaders. Укрупнённая графика, но есть баги. История игры настолько невероятная, что пересказывать я её не собираюсь, кому надо - ищите в интернете. Я и без предыстории не сильно страдал.

3 - Двигаться Влево
4 - Двигаться Вправо
Z - Огонь / Начать игру

По-другому эта игра называлась Space Fight 2091

{author} ZeB
Дата: 15.01.15 13:08
"История игры настолько невероятная, что пересказывать я её не собираюсь, кому надо - ищите в интернете. "
Гугл ничего дельного не выдает.
{author} Leonis
Дата: 24.01.15 19:35
Fly a spacecraft in the year 2091 to save the (!) Amiga.

The purpose of the game is.... TO WIN (say what?)
In order to complete this quite difficult task your body (yes only your body
and not your mind (this remark shows that I believe that the body merely serves
as a tool for the brain)) have been warped through 87 different time-warps
due to some foolish scientists who didn't know what they were doing. This
resulted in a rather big waste of resources but that's of course another story.
When you finally arrive you can't recognize anything and two weird-looking
dudes tell you that this is the year 2091!!! Frightening eh?
You are of course not very happy about your situation partly because you only
have 25 dollars in your wallet and the prizes have gone up about 30000% but
mainly because IBM and the ****ing PC clones have completely taken over all of
the computer-market resulting in the Amiga's death!
In a Holo-BiDirectional-FullDuplex-TV-store you see a newsflash concerning
some evil aliens about to invade the good ol' EARTH. Scientists think that they
are being drawn towards the Earth due to the massive pollution the PC's cause.
However if people had bought Amiga's instead (which don't pollute) they would
have been no aliens now!
This is your call! You sneak into a Warp-Transporter without a ticket and you
end up at NASA where you get to talk to the boss and you tell him : "OK you
listen to me you scumbag! I wanna get into a spacecraft, get up there and KICK
SOME ALIEN BUTT!". "But why?" the boss says. "Personal motives" you answer. If
you can save the Amigas existence you're ready to do anything!
You get the newest spacecraft (ZX-81) and you take off!!! TO SAVE THE AMIGA!
Battle you way through the 6 (increasingly harder) levels!!!
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