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Video Story Book (Prototype)

Video Story Book (Prototype) Video Story Book (Prototype) игра Video Story Book (Prototype) game
  • Система: Bally Astrocade
  • Жанр: Software
  • Игроков: 1
  • Год выпуска: 1985


Этот картридж - полнейшая загадка. По одному из мифов, он был найден в шкафчике стола арендуемого офиса в Чикаго (начало 80-х), когда происходила смена хозяев помещения. Никто ничего не мог сказать о картридже, и он переходил из рук в руки, пока не попал к John Perkins, от него к Clyde Perkins а от него в 1983 году к Dave Carson. Через 2 года картридж был анонсирован. Название "Video Story Book" было на найденном оригинале. Почти все 8 кб заполнены качественным кодом, и это притом, что нет меню и интерфейса сохранения. Зато есть интерфейс джойстика, подобного тому, что принят на вооружение в игре "ICBM Attack", анимированные черепашки, кенгуру, птицы, деревья, цветочки, здания, огонь и многое другое. Если кто знает об этом картридже - напишите мне. Mike White выпустил 9 таких картриджей.

С возможностями картриджа отдельная история. Чтобы разобраться в них, пришлось дизассемблировать весь код! Насчёт управления читаем ниже.


Video Storybook Manual
By: Richard C. Degler
April 3, 2008

I finished disassembling the Astrocade unreleased cartridge "Video Storybook"
as far as I’m going to take it. There are still a lot of Variables and
Routines that are left unidentified, but someone filled up an entire 8K ROM
with some pretty twisted code, leaving only 132 bytes at the end. Here’s
what’s inside:

Sorry, no dancing monkeys (and those crawling things are turtles?) but some
other pictures and a few primitive drawing tools. Starting from the upper left
key and assuming the standard keypad - unless someone wants to make an overlay
for this:

’C’ does a Soft Reset, but since the "Reset" button is disabled this doesn’t do

Note: these Drawing routines all start and end with a press of the trigger ...

’Up’ Arrow starts drawing a Dotted Trace, or just a Point if NOT in Multi-color

’Down’ Arrow starts drawing a Rubberband Line from trigger-press to trigger-

’%’ (Letter ’O’ in MESS) does a poorly-coded Paint Bomb Fill (might crash the

’mR’ (’R’ in MESS) draws a Hollow Circle from center then use Cursor up/down
for size.

’mS’ (’S’ in MESS) draws a Filled Circle (see Multi-Color modes for colors

’cH’ (’H’ in MESS) draws a Hollow Rectangle from corner to corner (hard to see

’/’ (Keypad - check your Num Lock) draws a Filled Rectangle (see Multi-Color

Here are the Multi-Color Modes which affect the Drawing modes, such as they are

’7’, ’8’, ’9’, and ’*’ are basically the same three foreground colors cycled

’4’ the default setting - Solid Red (the other two colors are NOT usable as

’5’ and ’6’ MORE multi-color modes, this time with Background color stripes
mixed in.

Screen Flashing Modes *** EPILEPTIC WARNING * SEIZURE ALERT *** You’ve been
warned ...

’-’ (the one on the Keypad in MESS) Resets Colors to Red, Blue and Gold (or

’1’ Stops the screen flashing at whatever color combination is currently

’2’ Color Ramping cycles through the color wheel without changing the

’3’ Intensity Cycling from dark to light (none of these affect the background

No provision was made to Select your own color preferences. And next to them

’+’ (Keypad ’+’ in MESS) does a Hard Reset, and CLEARs the Screen like a Power

Drawing MAGIC Modes (also has support for FLOP as well as FLIP! but not hooked
in) ...

’cE’ (’E’ in MESS) to PLOP write absolute, ’0’ to OR write, and ’.’ to XOR

Finally, call these WORD Shifts initiated by the ’=’ key (Keypad ’Enter’ in
MESS) ...

’=,C’ for Fan Lines radiating to the Left of where the cursor was when trigger

’=,Up’ for Fan Lines to the Right (?), ’=,Down’ for Up, and ’=,%’ (’=,O’) for

Here are the Animated PICTURES (You have to make up your own story about these)

’=,mR’ to Draw 2 Birds, a Tree, 2 Deer and a Turtle (use Trigger to pick one

’=,mS’ to Draw 2 Houses and a Garden (watch the flowers bloom then wither

’=,cH’ to Draw a Cottage, 2 Trees and 2 Kangaroos (make them ’Roos hop in

’=,/’ to Draw a Fire Station and a Fire Truck (or they came to put out the

plus ’=,7’ to Draw a Cottage, ’=,8’ to Draw 7 Turtles, and ’=,9’ to Draw a

These Pictures can be moved around by pulling the trigger, which causes the
bottom of
the screen to change from the background color. Once that happens, the cursor
pick up the first picture it comes into contact with. It will place it where
it is
when the trigger is pulled again, at which time the cursor appears where it was

Should have been mentioned up top - Defaults to using Knob 1 and Knob 3 to move

’=,*’ to use Knobs to move Cursor (Hey, who has a SPECTRE handle to try this

’=,4’, ’=,5’, and ’=,6’ affect the Knob control somehow, but no difference is

and Lastly, what’s been called Keyword "GOTO " using Word Shift on a BASIC
overlay ...

’=,-’ Use THIS every time to transfer Cursor control to the Player ONE

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