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Ultraman Powered

Ultraman Powered Ultraman Powered игра Ultraman Powered game Ultraman Powered jeux Ultraman Powered
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 2
  • Издатель: Bandai
  • Разработчик: Tose Software
  • Год выпуска: 20.03.1994


Grapple game of 2D picture.
It can choose the monstrous beast extraterrestrial of [urutoramanpawado] and 7 bodies.
Other than usual opposition, there is also a mode which parallels to the story, the movie flows in the game.
As being defeated, there is an image database.

The ultra man who is produced in America, as for starring [kein] [kosugi].
Because you grapple with the character which is taken in from actual image, you just see it is pleasant.
As character ones, very.

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