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Twinkle Knights

  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Intarus
  • Разработчик: Axes Art Amuse
  • Год выпуска: 17.03.1995


правда такой синоним????
Developer: Axes Art Amuse
Publisher: Intarus

If you want to actually fight with girls to get their clothes off, you can go the AV Idol Mahjong route (if you like hand-drawn images of AV stars) to play against, or the simple, but tricky real-life action found in Tantarus’s Twinkle Knights. Micronet’s mahjong game is pretty much like every other one out there: if you know the game, you’ll beat it quickly, although I hear the AI cheats a little here and there. As for Twinkle Knights, it’s a card-based fighting game where your female opponents just happen to lose their clothes bit by bit if you win a round. The game extends its life by making each fight 5 rounds, and the computer manages to pull some good cards on you when you least expect it, extending its lifespan a bit. You can still whip it good in an afternoon, but I’d imagine you’d be really beat afterward (sorry, it was way too obvious to pass up!). Oh, before I forget: this is one of a few games that will ONLY run on a Japanese 3DO, so you drooling hentai without access to one will be out of luck. Buy some nice clothes and a bottle of Axe for men and go get a real girl, anyway- the ones here are kinda not happening, if you’re looking for supermodels going wild and everything that entails.

Другие названия игры - Twinkle Star Nights, Twinkle * Nights

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