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Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse Total Eclipse игра Total Eclipse game Total Eclipse jeux Total Eclipse
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Crystal Dynamics, Baisu
  • Разработчик: Crystal Dynamics
  • Год выпуска: 26.03.1994


1993 UE
1994.06.24 U
Vise J???
Designed by Eric Knopp, Mark Cerny, Bill Mitchell.

Solar Eclipse is a sequel to the 1993 3DO/Playstation game Total Eclipse.

Total Eclipse was probably pretty cool when it came out, but now it just looks like every other boring 3DO space game. You view the action from just behind your ship, which happens to look just like an X-Wing fighter. Eclipse offers rapid-fire shooting action over planet surfaces and inside tunnels. You’re always moving in a set direction, although the stages are wide enough that you can sometimes take alternate routes. The game has a few things going for it. The scenery isn’t particularly detailed (just pixelated textures), but the framerate is smooth and I like how the enemies disintegrate when shot. By flying through rings, you can collect power-ups and amass some serious firepower. But Total Eclipse is not without its problems. I couldn’t get the "roll" controls to work, and sometimes you inadvertently scrape against the side of a mountain that was out of view. It’s hard to judge the position of your ship in the tunnels, and the background guitar music is marginal. The action gets repetitive, and the scenery all looks the same after a while. To be honest, there’s not much substance here, just some 3D graphics that looked good in 1993.
1 player

Кроссплатформенная игра! - Total Eclipse


Team Orion: Troy Gillette, Eric Knopp, Daniel Colon, Jr., Suzanne Dougherty, Jon Horsley
Design: Eric Knopp, Troy Gillette, Daniel Colon, Jr., Suzanne Dougherty, Dan Arey, Jon Horsley
Additional Design: Mark Cerny, Jay Minn, Justin Norr, Andy Trapani
Producer: Jon Horsley
Product Manager: Scott Steinberg
Computer Engineers: Troy Gillette, Eric Knopp
Additional Engineering: Bill Mitchell, Mark Cerny, Bill Wills
Audio Engineering: Greg Marquez
Graphic Artists: Daniel Colon, Jr., Suzanne Dougherty
Additional Graphics: Phil Lemarbre, Gene Bodio, Mira Ross, David Pounders, Mike Provenza, Adrian Bourne
Storyboards: Juan Ruiz, Adrian Bourne
Cinematography: Cyrus Lum, Daniel Colon, Jr., Suzanne Dougherty
Dialog: Dan Arey, Jon Horsley, Eric Lindstrom

Commander Orion: Will Southard
Ensign Hughes: Danny Hartigan
Lord Zodak: Curtis T. Branon

Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Burke Trieschmann
Guitars: JD Reilly, Eric Orme
Saxophone: Dr. Loco, Ron Stallings
Keyboards: JD Reilly, Frank Martin
Additional Keyboards, Guitars, Harp, Banjo, Drum Programming & MIDI Sequencing: Burke Trieschmann
Song Egineering & Mixing: Burke Trieschmann
Mixed at Spark Production, Oakland California
Sound Effects: Doug Shannon
Tool Engineers: David Kirk, Sean Vikoren, Noah Hughes
Additional Tools: Rolf Berteig
Cinema Processing & Synchronization: Noah Hughes
FMV Technician: Lloyd Pique
Manual: Carol Ann Hanshaw
Quality Assurance: Mark Ybarra, Jeremy Bredow, Michael Wu, Chang Fadel, Joe Willis, Eugene Law
Special Thanks: Rosalind Delligatti, Lory Brown, Judy Lange, Madeline Canepa, Mark Wallace, Lyle J. Hall, Steve Kongsle, David Morse, Neil Hanshaw

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