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Star Control II

Star Control II Star Control II игра Star Control II game Star Control II jeux Star Control II
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 2
  • Издатель: Crystal Dynamics, BMG Interactive Entertainment
  • Разработчик: Crystal Dynamics
  • Год выпуска: 03.09.1994


1995.03.24 J

Star Control II Crystal Dynamics 1993 US
Star Control II Crystal Dynamics 03/24/95 JP
Designed by Paul Reiche III, Fred Ford.

Description: Sequel to the popular 8-bit title, Star Control II adds a very rich story mode to the previous game, as well as a number of new races (which means new ships to play with). At its heart it’s Space War, the first space battle game and coin-op ever created. Besides the usual components, a "complete" Star Control II also includes a poster-sized "HyperSpace Star Map". Make sure you’ve got that stuff.

Following the on-going war of the first Star Control game, the Alliance has lost. The Ur-Quan armada systematically hunts down the alliance races and imprisons them onto their homeworlds, including Earth. However unknown to the Ur-Quan, during the war, a small research vessel had been lost while sent to a distant star system looking for evidence of the ancient Precursor race. The survivors of this research team had come across the controls to a Starship factory and used it to build a Precursor supply vessel: one of the largest vessels in the galaxy. It’s time for these Terrans to return to earth...

Star Control 2 is a game based on exploration, space combat, diplomacy and resource gathering. Your main starship is the precursor vessel and it can be used to travel between star systems and orbit planets. This uses fuel which must be processed in exchange for raw materials. In addition to providing fuel, raw materials can also be used to purchase modules on the Precursor vessel, alien ships and "obtain" crewmembers. Raw materials are found throughout the galaxy, each planet will be unique in the type of minerals and metals it is formed of. Additionally planets will have a unique atmosphere and composition which could result in dangers such as lightning storms, earthquakes or lava. Non-Sentient life can also be found and stunned to obtain biological samples. Special installations, objects and ruins can also be found on certain planets.

Throughout space are different alien civilizations. These are represented by a sphere of influence. Within the sphere, the aliens have a controlling presence and their ships will venture freely. Outside the sphere, encounters are more rare. Aliens can be dealt with diplomatically, through a series of dialog options or in combat. Combat utilizes the same engine as the first Star Control game, where action is controlled from a top view and influenced by the gravity of nearby planets. Each alien vessel is controlled uniquely and has unique abilities. Combat can also be played as a standalone game, separate from the main storyline.

По-другому эта игра называлась The Ur-Quan Masters
Кроссплатформенная игра! - Star Control II


Game Guru Codes

A Game Guru disc is required to use the codes featured below.

10 landing craft:

All Melnorme items:

Can not be enabled until the Melnorme are met. Note: This code only works in the Revision A version of the game.
65,534 Melnorme Credits:

Can not be enabled until the Melnorme are met. Note: This code only works in the Revision A version of the game.
Maximum turning jets:

Maximum thrusters:
All codes above from TomServo3K.
Increase Life Form Units to 61,613:

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