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Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs)

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs) Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs) игра Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs) game Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs) jeux Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs)
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Electronic Arts
  • Разработчик: EA Studios
  • Год выпуска: 1995


Supports: CH Flightstick Pro
Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate Electronic Arts 1995 US
Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate Electronic Arts 01/05/96 EU

Designed by Laurent Benes, Erik Holden, Bob Rossman, Don Woo.

Description: A 2-CD set. Takes place 20 years after the events of the first Shockwave game. 20 years means better technology. Now the missions include the fighter plane as well as hovercraft and turret missions, with over a dozen different weapons to customize them with.

Box Text:
Captain Avery Flynn, Commander of the Pirate Hunter Cortez.

Mining asteroid located near the JumpGate.

Ambushed by an unknown alien vehicle while responding to a distress call.

Pursue the enemy through the JumpGate. Recover a mysterious artifact which may hold the secrets of the JumpGate; of intergalactic space travel.

A small, highly skilled crew of pirate-hunters and 3 high-tech destructive vehicles.

Four hostile, warring alien races involved in an intergalactic conflict. Each will stop at nothing to conquer the solar system.


* 400% larger battlefields give you freedom to strategically plan your attacks.
* Non-stop action that challenges your trigger finger and your brain.
* 45 minutes of gripping, non-linear story.
* Enhanced 3D terrain allows you to use hills and valleys to your strategic advantage.
* Customize your ships with 19 different destructive weapons.
* Supports the Flightstick Pro for 3DO Joystick.

It has been twenty years since the invading aliens have been driven back through the jumpgate. On a planet close to the dormant gate, an alien artifact is found. When unknown aliens steal the artifact, privateer Captain Flint of the spaceship Cortez and his crew follow their ship through the jumpgate, which leaves them stranded in an unknown star system. To find their way back, they have to find the artifact and the aliens.

You take control of Flint. Aboard the Cortez, you can receive messages from your crew members, scan the planets in the system for possible mission sites and select suitable weapons and equipment for the next mission. Three different craft are available for the missions: a fighter, a hovercraft and a stationary turret used to give cover to your crew mates when they are on a mission.

After completed missions, the wreckage from destroyed aliens is analyzed and used to produce better weapons and equipment. The storyline will take you through six different systems, each with a variety of missions to complete. Live-action cut-scenes continue the story.

По-другому эта игра называлась Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs)
Кроссплатформенная игра! - Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (2 CDs)


Design: Laurent Benes, Erik Holden, Bob Rossman, Don Woo
Mission Design: Erik Holden
Lead Engineering: Laurent Benes
Engineering: Scott Eklund
Art Direction: Don Woo, Bob Rossman
Sound Design: Marc Farly, David O’Neal
Computer Graphics: Chris Crowell, Bill Eral, Bob Rossman, Waddy Dacay, Erik Holden, Don Woo Mission Editing Engineering: Chris Conway
Mission Scripting: Chris Crowell, Andy Kieran, Stig Smith
Producer: Lucy Bradshaw
Project Manager: Cyndi Hill
Assistant Producer: Michael Yasko
Product Manager: Lisa Higgins,Albert Penello
Package Design: Davidson Design
Package Illustration: Don Woo, Erik Holden
Documentation: Andrea Engstrom, Jason Armatta
Documentation Layout: R. Lambing Design
Lead Testing: Tim-John deVroede
Testing: Michael Lubuguin, Joanna Pataki, Steven Imes, Sam Watkins
Quality Assurance: Anthony Crouts
Tools Support: AWS Tools Group
Media Production: Eric Kornblum, Jerry Newton, Michael Marsh
Dubbing Mixer/Foley Editor: Dave Nelson
Special Thanks: Kelly Pope, Nancy Philippine, Kris Theofelis

Director: Bob Rossman
Producer: Randy Frederick
Writers: Bob Rossman, David Gordon
Music Composition: Pat Gleeson
Production Manager: Debbie Brubaker
1st Assistant Director: Mike Kitchens
2nd Assistant Director: Michelle Hickey
Production Coordinator: Neal Bryant
Director of Photography: Chris Johnson
Assistant Camera: Ruben O’Malley
Script Supervisor: Denise Bostrom, Paula Frankel
Production Designer: Doug Freeman
Prop Master: Craig W. Seamas
Weapons: Conrad Lee, Don Woo
Ultimatte Operator: Jim Rolin
Videotech: Tim Armstrong
Director of Audio: Murray Allen
Sound Mixer: John Lusitana
Boom Operator: Marget Long
Gaffer: Darrell Flowers
Key Grip: Paul Meiss
Best Boy Grip: Brent Cyr
Best Boy Electric: Bruce Thompson
Stunt Coordinator: Mark Silence
Wardrobe Supervisor: Laura Haynes
Wardrobe Assistant: Aimee McCrary
Special Makeup: Kamila Portuguese
Makeup and Hair: Nancy Marsalis, Gretchen Davis

Seamstress: Nancy Lee
Key PA: Susan Krumm-Scott
PA: Brad Marshland
Catering: Rosalind Catering
Craft Services: Paul Gianakos
PA Intern: Karin Shaw
Avid Editor: David Levine
On-line: Alan Chimenti
Dubbing Mixer: Patrick Fitzgerald
Foley Engineer: Richard Duarte
Foley Artists: Margie O’Malley, Marnie Moore
Sound Effects: Marc Farly
Casting Director: Nancy Hayes
Production Services: Crocodile Productions: Carol Contes, Sheri Sarkis

Alaina Stewart: Marcia Pizzo
The Major: Bruce Williams
Alexindra: Molly McAlpine-
Lee: Ross Martineau
Rusty: Corie Henninger
Jenkins: Joseph Murphy
Capt Flynn: James Cunningham
Marshall: Christina James
Voice of I.C.E.: Kristina Holland
Capt. Rook: Brent St. Clair
Rook’s Navigator: Scott McClain
Sergeant Steele: Chuck Austen
Engineer Bill: Tahmus Rounds
Dr.Watkins: Charles Orange
Counselor Rob: William Hall
Bin Kar: Chuck Hilbert
Truk: Sherman Koltz
Jol Bet: David Silverman
Trooper: Michael Ching
Trooper: Celia Shuman
Guard: Steve Lee
Dr.Yamada: Randall Nakano
Sensci Leader: Nick Scoggin
Droid: Himself

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