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Shadow - War of Succession

Shadow - War of Succession Shadow - War of Succession игра Shadow - War of Succession game Shadow - War of Succession jeux Shadow - War of Succession
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 2
  • Издатель: Tribeca Digital Studios
  • Год выпуска: 1994


Designed by Mark Erdtmann.
Tiberica Digital Studious

Description: There is no Mortal Kombat port on this system but there are two games that borrow the digital character gimmick. Shadow is the one that does it poorly.

Style/Genre: Tournament Style/Fighting. Click to see other games of this type.

I found the following info on gameplay online:

Instant kill:

Press Down(2), Left, Right, Up(2) at the difficulty selection screen.
Then, press LS during a match to kill your opponent.

Special moves:

Special moves are very important in winning this game. The major
special moves which would really help any player are projectile
special moves, and the slides for characters which have them. Special
moves should be executed slowly and deliberately. Do not rush when
pressing the buttons to activate a specific special move.

Fighting the final Boss:

The final boss can only be fought when the difficulty is set to

Relative power ranking:

1. Viper
2. Riggs
3. Anvil
4. Gabriella
5. Sasha
6. Carlos
7. Erika

Move list:

Anvil Stiles
Slide (Forward, Forward, C)
Knife toss (Down, Forward, A)
Disappear (Back, Forward, RS)
Grenade (Down, Back, C)

Anvil is a special character in the sense that he can float in the
air by continuously pressing Up. This way, he can avoid a lot of
attacks. The best strategy for winning as Anvil is by constantly
sliding into the opponent and uppercutting him. This is very
effective in the corners.

Erika Storm
Katana (Back, Forward, C)
Disappear (Back, Forward, RS)
Groundfire (Down, Forward, Back, RS)
Spinstab (RS, Forward, Back)

The best move for Erika is the throw (Back, C). Her sword’s reach
is so great that she can throw an opponent from afar. With
practice, your opponent may be thrown multiple times. Another good
move is the sword uppercut. With correct timing, Erika can just
wait until an opponent comes near and uppercut the poor soul with
her Katana. The groundfire is good when the opponent is in medium

Carlos Cortez
Bomb (Back, Forward, C)
Shotgun (Forward ,Forward , C)
Earthquake (Down, Forward, Back, RS)

Carlos’ strength lies in his shotgun. Blast away at an opponent
from afar and, when he gets near, disappear. For close quarter
combat, his uppercut is pretty powerful and, the throw is
effective as well. When an opponent is too near, try the knee
smash (Back, B) repeatedly. Do not get into an air duel since
Carlos does not have any aerial attacks.

Riggs Riddick
Hellfire (Back, Forward, A)
Roll (Forward, Down, Back)
Disappear (Back, Forward, RS)
Ghostly Touch (Forward, Forward, C)

Riggs is convenient in the sense that his disappear is very close
to his hellfire. This way, he can blast an opponent from a distance
and disappear when the bad guy is too close for comfort. A good
combo for Riggs is a flying kick and an uppercut followed by a
roll. This is very lethal and does a lot of damage.

Sasha Romanoff
Stealth (Back, Down, C)
Knife (Down, Forward, A)
Slide (Forward, Forward, C)
Crouch Knife (Down, Back, RS)

Sasha is very quick. Her drawback is that when she does get hit,
she is slow getting up. Her best non-special move is her air
attack. That is, constantly jump over an opponent and press B when
you are near/above them. Opponents have a difficult time
countering this move and, it creates a lot of damage. Her crouch
knife is also effective because it comes in so low that it is
almost impossible to defend against.

Gabriella St. John
Cannonball (Forward, Down, Back)
Mesmerize (Forward, Forward, Back, Back)
Fireball (Forward, Forward, C)

Gabriella can fry you with her eyes. Mesmerize is pretty strong,
except that it shoots too high and, the range is limited. So, for
consistency, use her fireball. It has good distance and the height
is just right to fry anyone. Again, she has a good flying kick,
uppercut, cannonball combo. Also, her footsweep (Back, B) has a
longer range than normal. Keep opponents at bay by constantly
footsweeping them from a distance.

Groundshake (Down, Forward, Back, RS)
Disappear (Back, Forward, RS)
Slide (Forward, Forward, C)
Knife (Down, Forward, A)
Grenade (Down, Back, C)

Viper is the most complete and balanced fighter. He has all the
necessary moves. He is cat quick and has an array of deadly
combos. He can "juggle" opponents fairly easily. Flying kick an
opponent then, while he is still in mid-air, give him a couple
of high kicks, then finish him off with an uppercut. Another
effective combo is slide, slide, uppercut and throw.

Другие названия игры - Shadow: War Of Succession, SHADOW - War of Succession

В азии эта игра увидела свет как Shadow Warriors
Кроссплатформенная игра! - Shadow - War of Succession


Executive Producer: Lawrence Ng
Producer: Tong Manalac
Programmer: Mark Erdtmann
Lead Artist: Alvin Williamson
Script/Manual: Joel Manalac
Script/Talent: R.J. Araneta
Photography/Background Art: I/O 360, Arkadiusz Banasik, Nam Szeto, Dindo Magallanes
Additional Art: Jenny Woo
Music/Sound: Rob Wallace
Actors: Denise Soohoo, Anthony Filipakis, Jennifer Polintan, Donna Roque
Voices: Rob Wallace
Special thanks to Carrie Holder

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