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Sekure Fuumin no Omocha Hako

  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: GLAMS Interactiv
  • Год выпуска: 27.08.1994


Release number: 0098
Release name: Fumin’s secret
Release country: JAP
Dumped by: NanoMeT (2003-08-04)
Redump status: Redump not needed
Tested: Untested
Product number: FZ-SJ2651

Toy box of [sekurehumin]

Description: A cross between "Make My Video" and "Virtual Photographer" titles, you use the crude photo editor to liven up Asian model stills and are then rated on your efforts.

I got into a lot of trouble because of this damned game. Naked 17 year old girls indeed. Here is a tip. Never (ever) get soft porn shipped to your mother-in-law in her name. Common sense should have really raced-in to save the day here but I suffered one of those moments when everything seemed so right and then it turned so very very wrong. For some reason, and I can’t quite pin-point the moment, it all turned bad... very bad. Difficult conversation that.

Anyway - ’Toybox!’ Or at least that is what ’Omochabko’ means. ’Secure’ is a brand name. ’Fuumin’ is a persons name and ’no’ is a particle word that I think means ’owner’. So in this case ’Secure Fuumins Toybox’. Yep - seems to mean nothing.

Basically this game is virtual CD cover creator. That is in so far as I can make out. You would never guess that from the games CD case or the title.

The game comprises of three basic steps. Step 1: Select the main image for the CD case from a selection of pictures of girls. Some pretty looking, some weird looking, some pretty-weird looking. Step 2: Design, using your selected images, the CD case. Step 3: Put your CD case up for review.

I found it difficult, without knowing the criteria, what exactly my design was being reviewed on. So I never got above 80 out of 100. I think, if you get into the top 10, you can watch your video. I never did.

So how was Fuumins toybox for me? It promised so much and delivered so little. For shame Fuumin.

Basically it’s not great. The lack of an ’undo’ feature makes the game somewhat frustrating. The limited tools and having to use a 3DO D-Pad doesn’t help either. All the designs, regardless of the effort put in, ended up looking embarressingly rubbish. But don’t worry, you wouldn’t want to show these to you Mother-in-law, even if your efforts were any good. However, due to lack of imagination on my part and lack of features on the part of game, each ’effort’ was eye-whincingly poor.

This bad game was made even worse by the woman who essentially ’talks’ to you and acts as the presenter - Damn! She is creepy. Yet even the poses of the girls in the pictures is a little weird. They really need to cheer up a bit.

On the Japan-quirk-o-meter this is on the scale of ’Earth-killer’. As to what was actually going on - who knows?

Over-priced, rare and unsatisfying.

Другие названия игры - Fumin's Toy Box, Secre, Sekura/Fuumin no Mocha Hako, Secure fuumin no omochabako, sekura fuumin no mocha hako

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