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Psychic Detective (3 CD)

Psychic Detective (3 CD) Psychic Detective (3 CD) игра Psychic Detective (3 CD) game Psychic Detective (3 CD) jeux Psychic Detective (3 CD)
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Electronic Arts
  • Разработчик: EA Studios
  • Год выпуска: 02.12.1995


EA Studios developer????

This game is an innovative slant on the interactive movie. You’re Eric Fox, a psychic detective who can transmit his psychic self to others, to see through their eyes and hear through their ears. That way you can find out things about the case you couldn’t otherwise. The game has many different conclusions. It’s a dark story though, and most people might not want to play through again.

Description: This is simply weird stuff. Your mind has the ability to jump into nearby people (and sometimes inanimate objects and pets) and continue the story from their perspective. There are some truly unusual moments along the way. Unique FMV game where your mind literally jumps from person to person at your command as you unravel the game’s mysteries from various points of view which include dozens of characters... even a dog!

Кроссплатформенная игра! - Psychic Detective


Cast and Crew
Laina Pozok: Beata Pozniak
Eric Fox: Kevin Breznahan
Sylvia Bourget: Marcia Pizzo
Max Mirage/Lexi Golitsyn: Jarion Monroe
Monica Pozok: Zachary Barton
Madam Tikunov: Sharon Lockwood
Moki Valdez: Luis Oropeza
Sergei Nosenko: Eric Beavers
Vladimir Pozok: Rob Nilsson
Bouncer: Steven A. Jones
Chad Bitalski: William Hall
Jeanine, the Miragequester: Allison Chase
Bobby, the Bar Patron: Matt Mengarelli
Officer Griggs: Ralph Peduto
Officer O’Brien: Tony Haney
Exotic Dancer: Meaghan Gannett
Pawnshop Owner: David E. Kazanjiar
Skateboard Kid: Darrin Lee Roe
Bag Lady: Adele Proom
Anna Slaznowicz: Monica Baber

Cleaner: Michael Halton
Cleaner’s Partner: Ross Martineau
Courier: J. Stephen Coyle
Delivery Man: Robert Ernst
Bag Man: Ben Gardner
Male Reporter: Paul Ghiringhelli
Female Reporter: Megan Dodds
Drunk Inmate: Scott Beach
Miragequester: Alysoun Quinby
Karelian Woman: Michelle McHall
Mansion Guests: Eileen Finn, Holly Laddia, Leroy Kopp III, Mary Mackey, Blake Torney
Waiters: Greg Cala, Ron Kaell
Arabian Sheik: Dennis Poppolardo
Hong Kong Businessman: Peter Soe
Macho Woman: Kristen Kuehn
Trio of Musicians: Peter Divono, Robert Garver, Norbert Stachel
Brick Guests: Erin Campion, Kathleer Dunne, Paula Edwards, Lygia Serra, Julie Taylor, Michael Crate, Scott McClain, Ron Rogge, Chip Wasson, Jon Seaman
Little Lexi: Oliver Kane
Eric’s Father: David Rosenthal
Little Eric: Ian Conklin Little
Laina: Amber Joy Smith
Lexi’s Mom: Bronwyn Smith
Anna’s Little Brother: David Bills
Eric’s Mom: Kathleen Turco-Lyon
Little Monica: Alicia Jamarillo
Little Anna: Megan Doherty-Baker
Man with Pocket Watch: Scott Devenney
Laina’s Mother: Jeanne Peters
Customer: Diane Washington-Shepard
Dog Walker: Bob Sibilia
Old Man: Sheldon Tromberg
Parking Attendant: Don Rosenberg
Stranger: Joe Peer
Kid Scaring Moki: Ryan Ashford
Lounge Audience: James Cotton, Karen Jennings-Bauer, Bill Jones, Ramona Scott, Jerry Mark
Pedestrians: Carol Hodges, Lisa Sarrail, Ken Steimetz, Eddie Jesse, Johnetta Shearer, Wesley Watkins, Ed Hanson, Becky Roy, William Boyd
Jailer: Brian Danker
Jogger: Jennifer Okabe
People Staring: Gary Pettinger, Elaine Thomas Miragequesters: Colin Andrews,
Steve Bakunas, Michael Bellino, Dan Belzer, Dena Bikerstaffe
Myki the Dog: Mykonos Phelan-McKee

Michael Kaplan

PRODUCTION (Colossal)Pictures in association with Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.
Director: John Sanborn
Producers: Don Howe, Sally Bentley
Assistant Director: Michael Kitchens
Director of Photography: Skip Sweeney
Camera Assistant: Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdottir
Lighting Director: Darrell Flowers
Production Manager: Kelly Courtney
Script Supervisor: Mindy Rodman
Production Coordinator: Eileen McKee
2nd AD: Paul Lowe
2nd 2nd AD: Curt Butz

Mixed at: Focused Audio, San Francisco 1995 FOCUSED AUDIO. All rights reserved.
Additional Sound Design: Al Nelson
GUI/Interface Art: Jim Collins/Smoke and Mirrors
For Electronic Arts Executive Producer: Jim Simmons
Assistant Producer: Ric Neil
Software Engineers: Tim Learmont, Randy Moss
Director of Development: Keith McCurdy
Project Managers: Lucy Bradshaw, Stephen Barry, Irene Lee
Technical Director: Colin McLaughlan
Business/Legal Affairs: Carol T. Contes
Business Affairs Coordinator: Sheri Burgos-Sarkis
Digital Audio Engineers: Ken Felton, Marc Farly, Jim Sproul, Don Veca, Phil Burke
Video Colorist & Compression: Frederique Guette

Additional Code & Graphics
Processing: Laurent Benes, Charles Cafrelli, Ken Dyke, Margaret Foley, Eric Kornblum, Jeff Litz, Phillipe Tarbouriech
Product Manager: Lisa Higgins
Documentation: Valerie E. Hanscom
Documentation Layout: Tom Peters
Package Design: Zimmermann Crowe Design
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Lead Tester: Ric Neil
Product Testers: Jason Holinaty, Ernie Stewart, Bryan Boileau, Yun Shin, Michael Lubuguin
Quality Assurance Tester: Jeff Juco
Quality Assurance Manager: Kurt Hsu
Artist Photos: Rosalind Delligatti
Special Thanks to: Tim Brengle, Keith Francart, Jeff Glazier, John Williams, Paul Grace, Rich Hilleman

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