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Phoenix 3

Phoenix 3 Phoenix 3 игра Phoenix 3 game Phoenix 3 jeux Phoenix 3
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Studio 3DO
  • Разработчик: Gray Matter
  • Год выпуска: 1995


Supports: CH Flightstick Pro
идут заставки и ролики, не более того.

Developed by Gray Matter. Designed by Brady Sheppard, Jim Koornneef, Stefan Posthuma.

Phoenix 3 is a sci-fi adventure with two completely different game play styles. Half the game is a slow paced side-scrolling shooter, the other half is 3D space combat, similar to Wing Commander.

Phoenix 3 features live-action video cutscenes that unfold the story. Most of the game takes place on the planet Galearth. Galearth has been at peace for centuries, but is now threatened by alien invaders known as the Gral. It is up to you, Derek Freeman, to uncover an ancient weapon known as the Talon that can defeat the Gral.

Before you gamers get too excited about this one, I should warn you that Phoenix 3 is not a sequel to the popular bird-shooting arcade game of the early 80s. No, Phoenix 3 is half platform shooter and half first-person space shooter. While neither part is great, the package as a whole may be worth checking out. After a cheesy "live action" video introduction (boring), the game begins with some simple 2D platform action in a post-apocalyptic world. You control a large, digitized man who controls quite well. He can walk while squatting, shoot from ladders, fire in eight directions, hang onto ledges, and pull himself up. The scenery isn’t much to look at, but the Alien-inspired enemies look slimy enough. It’s fun to mow down these creeps with your rapid-fire gun and watch blood and internal organs fly, and the accompanying sound of splattering guts makes the mayhem all the more satisfying. The audio is superb, with crisp, digitized sound effects and an adrenaline pumping musical score. But despite the high-quality presentation, the gameplay is unpolished. The controls for climbing down are confusing, and you’re often forced to make "blind leaps" - only to find a bed of spikes below. Shooting diagonally up is a problem, as your shots often miss their target for no reason at all. As a nice change of pace, you’ll also get to participate in some first-person dog fighting action in space. These stages also look nice, with a finely detailed heads-up display and 3D alien ships. Visually it reminded me of Colony Wars for the Playstation. Unfortunately, you need to rely completely on your guided torpedoes to eliminate your enemies, because the twin cannons are worthless. The explosions look terrific, but the lack of variety makes this part feel repetitive. Phoenix 3 is not a great game by any stretch, but it has its moments, and will probably hold your interest for a while.
1 player

Кроссплатформенная игра! - Phoenix 3


3DO Team
Producer: Richard Shane
Asst. Producer: Michael S. Jablonn
Lead Tester: Joe McCLoud
Testing: David Fruin, Daryl Allison, Greg Eichner, Casey Grimm, Alvin Muolic, Thom Chumley, Kevin R. O’Hara, James Koponen
Manual: Michael E. Moore

Gray Matter Software Team
Producer: Rob Anderson
Asst. Producer: Derek Tam
Programmers: Brady Sheppard, Stefan Posthuma, Jim Koornneef
Artists: Simon Paul, Grant Corless, Sean Sullivan, Doug Masters, Dennis Mohr, Lisa Knight, Mike D’Agnillo, Carolyn Cudmore
Art Director: David Duncan
Utility Programming: Alan Penford, Michael Robb
Testing: Derek Tam, Andi Smithers, Glen Hamilton, Mark Kerr

Gray Matter Live Action Team
Cast: Tig Fong (Derek Freeman), David Sutcliffe (Rifkin the Gambler), K.C. Buffalo (Praxis the Miner), Dawna Wright (Lucette), Dawn Collinson (Karen), Steve Turl (The Old One), Susanne Sutchy (Councilor Rand), Brad Adamson (voice of THREE and Gral Overlord), Vijna (voice of Jarmain), Bill Davidson (Gral Soldier), Michael Upton (Dead Hostage #1), Paul Brown (Dead Hostage #2)
Director: Evans T. Murgatroid
Executive Producer: Jonathan Freedman
Original Story: Nick Gray
Screenplay: Nick Gray, Stephen Zoller
Production Manager: Alexandra Waring
1st Asst. Director: Derby Crewe
2nd Asst. Director: David Moyal
2nd-2nd Asst. Director: P.J. Diaz
Stunt Co-ordinator: Bill Davidson

Live Action Art Department
Production Designer: Nick White
Set Decorator: Tim Boyd
Property Master: Craig Williams
Lead Carpenter: Jeff Flint
Art Department P.A.: Connie Dickson
Concept Artist: Sean Sullivan

Camera Department
Dir. of Photography: Philip Earnshaw (c.s.c.)
1st Asst. Camera: Colleen Norcross
Camera Trainee: Laurilea Shannon
2nd Unit Cameras: Bryan Carey, George Lagogianes
Gaffer: Allyn Terry
Best Boy Gaffer: Jim Gunn
2nd Unit Gaffer: Frank Moreno
2nd Unit Best Boy: Larry Copeland
Swing: Norm Laing
Key Grip: Steve Massey
Best Boy Grip: Thomas Care
Grip Swing: Christy Feeney

Sound Department
Sound Mixer: Erv Copestake
Boom Operator: Kelly Wright

Costume Departement
Costume Designer: Resa McConaghy
Wardrobe Mistress: Kim Childs
Seamstress: Mari Schkurka
Creature Design: Mari Schkurka, Tesa McConaghy
Creature Builder: Mari Schkurka

Special Effects
Director of Visual FX: Nick Gray
Pyrotechnics Sup.: Ron Craig
Make-Up Artist: Lisa Brown
Set Photographer: Jeremy McCormack
Asst. Photographer: Jennifer Adams

Post Production
Off-Line Supervisor: Jonathan Freedman
Off-Line Editor: Gino Zolezzi
On-Line Editor: Nick Gray
Audio Post Production: Terry Brown, Chris Hall
ADR Producer: Terry Brown
ADR Mixer / Recordist: Vic Pyle
ADR Assistant: Stephen Stephanic
Post - Off-Line: Electric Images
ADR Recording: Digital Music Studios

Music and Sound Effects
Sound Design and Original Music: V-WAVE International
Music Production / Mixing: Terry Brown
Music Composition: Chris Hall
Sound Effects: Chris Hall, Terry Brown
Additional SFX: Glenn Howard
Systems Management: Jeff Skinner
V-WAVE Busn. Affairs: Catherine McCartney

Production Office
Prod. Co-ordinator: Yolanda Yott
Prod. Secretary: Kathryn Humphreys
Directors’s Asst.: Joe Costa
Office Production Asst.: Grant McAlpine
3rd Asst. Director: Joe Costa
Trainee Asst. Director: Scott Jackson

Production Support
Publicity: Temple Scott + Assoc.
Grip Equipment: Production Services
Vehicles supplied by: Somerville Rentals
Tape Stock Used: Fuji
Camera: Sony Electronics
Craft Service: Steven Stack
Craft Service P.A.: Danny Regu
Insurance: Thompson+Thompson
Special Thanks To: Lynne Rine, Scott Walker, Jesse Stirling, Roger Ivey, Bill Elliot, Don Mortimer, Ty Thaysen, Mark Kerr, Rob Varga, Adam Crystal, Civello, Marlene Laugesen, Rumble Tumms and The Fat Chef, Aaron’s Mini Storage, Kim McCarthy, Kirk Thompson, Roanne Argyle, Humber College, Morrisey Tavern, Ron Oliver, Milo, Yi Zhao, Bryce Cochrane, Ian Lloyd

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