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Panzer General

Panzer General Panzer General игра Panzer General game Panzer General jeux Panzer General
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Mindscape, SSI
  • Разработчик: SSI
  • Год выпуска: 31.05.1995


Published By: Ingram Entertainment
Developed By: Strategic Simulations, Inc

Developed by Strategic Simulations. Designed by Keith Brors.

Time for resurrecting historical evens has come. It is one of the first games (if not the first) that actually gave you the ability to play for the nazis, and yet succeed where Hitler failed. Having totally and complete control over land, sea and air units, you must defeat the allied dogs as fast as you can (to get a major victory), or slower then in history (to get the minor victory and crush your empire).

The game’s quality lies in quantity of units. There are basically hundreds of Axis and Allied units, from real World War II, accompanied with a circling animations and battle sound, as well as marching or moving sounds. Main menu is all the time suited on the right side with plenty of options and selections you can correct to apply most to your likeness.

Turn based hexagon strategy game that will actually go faster if you have faster computer, but will always be playable (speed doesn’t go up infinite). First and original Panzer General, followed by many sequels and other series from General second name.

Кроссплатформенная игра! - Panzer General


Producer: Tom Wahl
Associate Producer: Rick Martinez
Game Design: SSI Special Projects Group
Campaign Game Design: Joel Billings
Scenario Design: Charles J. Kroegel Jr.
Documentation Manager: Eileen Matsumi
Rule Book: Mark Whisler
Rule Book Editor: Jonathan Kromrey
Original Programming: Paul Murray
Programming for 3DO: Keith Brors
Art: David Jensen
Interface Redesign for 3DO: Robert W. Calfee
Audio Programmer: Ralph Thomas
Voice Director: Tim August
Voice: Barry Lank
Map Design: Michael Kroon, Shane Lacy Hensley
Data Manager: Caron White
Test Supervisor: Glen A. Cureton
Lead Product Tester: John Cloud
Other Product Testers: Stephen Byrum, Michael Higgins, Steven Okano, John Pena
Graphic Design and DTP: Louis Saekow Design, Leedara Zola, David Boudreau
Special Thanks: Joe Almanza, Michael Bench, Bret Berry, Doug Brandon, Ron Calonje, Chris Clifford, Joshua M. Cloud, Benjamin Cooley, Lee Crawford, Jason Dawdy, Diane Duffey, William Dunn, Forrest Elam, Jeff Groteboer, Annette Grove, Don McClure, Bruce Mickelson, Jeff Pen~a, Rick E. White

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