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PaTaank PaTaank игра PaTaank game PaTaank jeux PaTaank
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 4
  • Издатель: PF.Magic, BMG Interactive Entertainment
  • Разработчик: PF.Magic
  • Год выпуска: 03.11.1994


Pataank BMG Interactive Entertainment 11/03/94 JP
Designed by Joel Dubiner.

If you’ve ever thought of what it feels like to be the ball in a pinball machine, playing PaTaank might give you some idea. Instead of flapping the flippers, the player controls the ball, or in PaTaank, a UFO-shaped puck around the three different tables. The tables are named Surf Room, Luv Room, and Disaster Room and they are connected to each other via Nexus. Player can choose to play one room or in the MetaGame mode, all of them in sequence. Each room has an objective and in the MetaGame mode, player must reach that objective to advance into the next room via the Nexus.

Like any pinball, there are targets, tunnels, blocks, and all sorts of flashing things that increase the score, light up letters, or grant bonus items. In addition to inertial control of the puck, player can apply thrust, which is limited, and activate magnetos, which are scattered around the room.

Pataank is the only pinball game where you play in place of the ball. You move around in a 3D environment that recreates the pinball table with bumpers, drop targets, ramps, etc..

Visual effects are important in Pataank with walls showing the video-action, intense graphics and fast animation. The soundtrack is so great that the company, PF.Magic released an audio CD called "Torcano" with nine different soundtracks from the game.

Pataank features three pinballs with names like Surf’s Up, Disaster and Tunnel of Luv. You can also play the Meta Game that will walk you through the three levels of the game, but personally, I think it would have been better to include a greater number of tables.

If you want to play with your friends, Pataank allows up to four players to compete. The first-person view given by the game is fast and furious, and when you bump into something, you really feel like the ball.

Pataank is an original game that is not only addictive for pinball fans, but also for every gamer in search of wild action.

Pataank (pronounced "Puh-Tonk") is one of the most original concepts on the 3DO. Players control a puck from a third-person perspective, using its magnetic grips and thrusters to slam it around one of three pinball machine-like arenas to rack up points. Arenas include the Surf Room, Carnival O’ Luv and Disaster Central. Each arena features an assortment of kitschy stock footage presented throughout its wall displays, ranging from girls in bikinis to natural disasters. The catchy music inspired P.F. Magic to release a soundtrack called "Torcano," named after one of the development team’s favorite drinks. ~ Geoffrey Douglas Smith, All Game Guide

This game is billed as "the first 3-D Pinball Thrill Ride". Let’s hope it’s the last, because PaTaank is an awful mess. I suppose the designers were trying to be original and innovative, but this "first-person pinball" project should have never seen the light of day. The goal is to bounce around a pixelated 3D world trying to hit specific targets, but the choppy frame rate makes it hard to tell what the hell is going on! The three tables (carnival of love, surf, and disaster) are flashy but fairly small and uninteresting. Even when I got the hang of the game I wasn’t having any fun. I’d have to chalk PaTaank up as a bad idea that was poorly executed. And who was the marketing genius who came up with that idiotic name that no one can pronounce?
1 to 4 players

По-другому эта игра называлась PaTaank - The first 3-D pinball thrill-ride!
Кроссплатформенная игра! - PaTaank


Original Game Design and Project Technical Lead: Joel Dubiner
Executive Producers: Rob Fulop, David Feldman
Producer: Curtis Norris
Programming: Andre Burgoyne
Additional Programming:
Level Design, Streaming, Audio: Joel Dubiner
Shell, Level Design, Tunnels: Leslie Hedger
Mathematicist: Christina Garden
Streaming, Tools: Paul Wilkerson
Beneficient Physicist: Andrew Kaluzniacki

Visual Design and Direction: Charles Hacskaylo
Art & Design Team:
Senior Artist, Video Specialist: Charles Hacskaylo
Artist, Stream Baron: Lisa Wong
3D Kinetic Design: Joel Dubiner
Level Design: Curtis Norris

Special Thanks to: John Scull, Jim Guerard, Brooke Boynton
Technical Support: David Feldman, Jacek Adamiec, Jim Stiefelmaier
Testing: Mike Palser
Data Wranglers: Lisa Wong, Curtis Norris, Paul Wilkerson
Pinball Wizard: Milt Loper
Music and Sound Effects by: Interactive Audio
Producer: Gary Levenberg
Composer: Nicolaas tenBroek
Mix Engineer, Sound Design Adam Rossi
Sound Design: Jesse Osborne
Musical Assistant Producer: Shelby Gaines
Voice Talent: Tree
Additional Voice: Leslie Hedger

Film Images through: Budget Films
Marketing: Brooke Boynton, John Scull, Mitch Kampf
Public Relations: Torme & Company
Package Design: The Mednick Group
Special Taanks to 3DO, especially: Carol Biersch, Greg Richardson, John Edelson, Neil Day, Phil Burk, Steve Fowler, Paula Lorenz, Randy Garland, Don Jaworski, Anup Murarka, Al Chang, Tony Miles, Charles Remington, Darrin Gibbs, David Maynard, Stephen Beeman, Rich Shane
Special Taanks to Crystal Dynamics, especially: Chris Morse, Alan Chaplin (and the Crystal sales team!), Rob Dyer, Susan Bowman, Laila Atassi
Of course Very Special Taanks to the rest of the PF. Magic staff:
Noah Anglin, Ted Barnett, Julie Chauss, Tom DeBry, Teri Keyser, Keith Kirby, Dan Lopez, Kim Reiss, Brenda Ross, Frank Saxon, Andrew Stern, Kelly Turner, Daphne West Jackson
Taanks to: Quilty, Mark Skinner, Marta Swinney, Jay Bass, Charlene Christman, Peter King, Morris Meyer, Gage Taylor, David Mandala, Debra Nathan
Dedicated to: Edna Liebman

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