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PO’ed PO’ed игра PO’ed game PO’ed jeux PO’ed
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Any Channel
  • Год выпуска: 06.11.1995


Publisher: Accolade&&&
Peripheral(s): Standard Controller, Flightstick Pro
Publisher: Accolade

Developed by Any Channel. Designed by Brian Yen, Russ Pflughaupt, Nate Huang.

Description: Unique FPS with both

PO’ed is an action game similar to Doom. You are a cook who has to escape an alien world. With such weapons as frying pan and a drill, you must bash your way through levels full of monsters, one of them being a walking arse (yes, not kidding). One of the most useful items in game is a jetpack which you must use frequently to explore levels and get to places where no spacecook has gone before.

Released at a time with first person shooters were the rage, PO’ed carved out its niche by being the most colorful, offbeat game of its kind. Gamers took notice of its twisted sense of humor and odd assortment of weapons including frying pans, butcher knives, and drills. The frying pan may sound like a pretty lame weapon, but it’s surprisingly satisfying to clank a monster over the head with it. You play the role of an intergalactic cook whose ship has been invaded by a bizarre collection of aliens including "buttheads" (walking asses), bat-like creatures, and robots. But what really distinguishes PO’ed is its "vertical" dimension. There’s plenty of platform jumping, as well the ability to hover with a jetpack. It’s different, but it doesn’t work well from the first-person point of view, and it’s far too easy to overshoot your landing and become disoriented. The controls are slippery, and you’re constantly sliding off the edges of platforms. In terms of graphics, the weapons you see in your hands look great, but the scenery looks terribly pixilated and the blocky monsters are poorly animated. The game lets you save at any time, but since it never prompts you, it’s very easy to forget. PO’ed has some originality, but it’s aged poorly and isn’t nearly as entertaining as it once was.
1 player

По-другому эта игра называлась Pissed Offed
Кроссплатформенная игра! - PO’ed


Producers / Game Design: Brian Yen, Russ Pflughaupt
Programming: Brian Yen, Russ Pflughaupt, Nate Huang
Additional Programming: Irene Pan
Graphics: Jeff Fohl, Kenta Williams, Justin Willow, Jane Sommerhauser, Brian Yen
3D Models: Dan Robbins, Ken Herndon, Kenta Williams, Justin Willow
Moster Design: Billfield Cheng, Jeff Fohl, Nate Huang, Sebastian G. Hyde, Svea Seredin, Justin Willow
Sound Design: Kenta Williams
Title Music: Jim Savitt, Guitar Riff-Master
Package, Manual, and Ad Artwork: Yu-Fen S. Croddy
Package, Manual, and Ad Design: Yu-Fen S. Croddy, Phil Lam
Web Page Design: Dan Gildor
Writer / Marketing: Phil Lam
Additional Creative Inputs: David Liu
Tough Talkin’ Lawyer: Carmine Broccole
Game Testing: Steve Biellak, Marty Chinn, John Irwin, David Liu, Marc Mantione, Greg Mills, Oren Tversky, and anyone who played the Sampler demos and told us about it

Additional Thanks to: the whole 3DO crew, Nicholas Earl, Steve Fowler, Brian Gilmer, Kurt Kyotani, Greg Mills, Matt Morin, Jackie Pierce, Neal Robinson, Jesse Stirling, Alex Werner, Karen White, Lee Seiler, Audrey Mann, everybody from the PO’ed focus groups, Accolade, the Video Games Forum participants on America Online, rec.games.video.3do, #3DO channel on IRC, CH Products, Judy Leach, all of our moms and dads, understanding family members, Eddy Luh, Elizabeth Lee, Lida Restrepo, James Pan, Katherine Pan, Charlie Koo, Pehong Chen, Zenas Block, Doreen and Matt at Domark, the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders, the New Jersey Devils, Bob Dylan, ’76 Chevy Malibu, Ron at Denny’s, anybody who actually bought this game, the Academy, and finally God for this miracle

{author} ПАУК
Дата: 18.02.12 03:02
Это когда она называлась Pissed Offed? Не понял
И как название переводится?
{author} ПАУК
Дата: 18.02.12 03:04
Ваще, такого слова "Offed" нету.
Кто это придумал?
{author} Leonis
Дата: 18.02.12 15:26
Думаешь я помню :) Может в мануале инфа ,надо будет посмотреть
{author} ПАУК
Дата: 18.02.12 19:38
Нет там такого.
{author} Leonis
Дата: 19.02.12 05:54
{author} Leonis
Дата: 19.02.12 05:54
{author} ПАУК
Дата: 19.02.12 08:58
Спасибо, Леонис. Я тоже нашёл пару ссылок по этому поводу:
Получается, что это глагол и это не Pissed Offed, а Pissed Off.
И как это сказать по-русски? Не понял
{author} Leonis
Дата: 19.02.12 11:47
Да вот так и переводится.. У них тоже есть фразочки, которые дословно перевести не выходит...
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