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PGA Tour 96

PGA Tour 96 PGA Tour 96 игра PGA Tour 96 game PGA Tour 96 jeux PGA Tour 96
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: EA Sports
  • Разработчик: Hitmen Productions, NuFX
  • Год выпуска: 13.11.1995


Developed by NuFX. Designed by Andrew H Marrinson.

If you own a 3DO, you must own this game! It’s fun and addicting, and never seems tedious like other golf games. The courses look a bit grainy, but the slopes undulate and curve realistically. The round swing meter is something EA has honed over many years of making golf games. It’s always tempting to go for the extra power, but that increases your chances of a bad shot. The sound effects are excellent, and when you’re putting, the commentator makes his remarks in a low, hushed voice. The game moves along at a nice clip, although there are occasional pauses for disk access. You get three real 18-hole courses and 56 pro golfers to compete against. Like the Playstation version, this stands as one of the finest golf games of all time.
1 to 4 players

Другие названия игры - PGA Tour '96
Кроссплатформенная игра! - PGA Tour 96


Lead Programmer: Andrew H. Marrinson
Software Engineer: Gregory Bungo
Graphic Artist for NuFX, Inc.: Dave Pasciuto
Producer for NuFX, Inc.: Lou Haehn
Executive Producer: Sam Nelson
Producer: Keith Orr
Assistant Producer: Brian Reed
Graphics Artists for EA: Roseann Mitchell, Lance Alameda, Eric DeSantis, Margaret Foley, Cynthia Hamilton, Ian House, Kendra Lamas, Alyson Markell
Sound and/or Music: Rob Hubbard, Marc Farley, Russel Lieblich
Course Designers: Lance Alameda, Tony Iuppa
Commentary: John Shrader, Russ Offenbach
Product Manager: Glenn Chin
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Documentation: Valerie E. Hanscom
Documentation Layout: Corinne Mah
Lead Testers: Doug Hollinrake, Tony Lam
Product Testing: Martin McQueen, Chris Novak, Peter Perkov, Barton Tarn, Cary Chao, Karl Leung, Glenn Grant
Quality Assurance: Jeffrey R. Juco, Michael Edison
Special Thanks To: Gary Lake, Todd Sitrin, IMAGETECTS, Patrick Quinn, Joseph Guagenti, Tammy Daniel-Biske, Dana Tom

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