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Orbatak (Prototype)

  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: American Laser Games
  • Год выпуска: 1995


Prototypes and One-of-a-Kinds
Publisher: Amer Lasergames

by 3DOkid @ 2006-03-03 - 19:35:41

This is rarer than hens teeth. Orbatak. An unreleased prototype of a game designed and built by American Laser games. The people responsible for Mad McCree, Crime Patrol, etc.

It was supposed to be a dedicated 3DO console based acrade machine but it never came to fruition.

All you can do when you insert the disk into a standard 3DO Multiplayer is watch the attract mode - since it is not possible to ’insert coin’ on a standard 3DO player.

Enjoy the pictures!


You are standing behind the white house. There is something in the mailbox. A video message from a wizard informing you that you are the sweepstakes winner to the Valley of the Sparrows... right now, by magic flight. Upon arriving at this mysterious place however, not everything is as it should be. There’s nobody to meet you and those who you do come across don’t seem to have any knowledge about a sweepstakes. It looks like this is a private vacation and you’ll need to find your own way through this land.

Return to Zork is a 1st person adventure game using video, and the revival of the famous Zork series by Activation. Similar to Myst in interface, you must rotate your viewpoint to discover new areas and uncover items that can be used or picked up. Various characters will be met along the way and spoken to via a system of dialog choices.

{author} ПАУК
Дата: 07.12.12 00:07
В эту игру на приставке не поиграешь, управление работать не будет. Она с аркадного автомата.
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