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Off-World Interceptor

Off-World Interceptor Off-World Interceptor игра Off-World Interceptor game Off-World Interceptor jeux Off-World Interceptor
  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 2
  • Издатель: Crystal Dynamics, BMG Interactive
  • Разработчик: Crystal Dynamics
  • Год выпуска: 22.12.1994


Off-World Interceptor BMG Interactive Entertainment 1994 US

Basically, you explore the Oceans Below in this edutainment title for the 3DO. You click on various things in the depths and learn bits on information about them through little videos. Its one of those "multimedia" things, we guess.

An old 3DO magazine ad suggested that playing this game would cause the ocean to pour forth from your television set, flooding your living room and leaving you with an octopus on your lap. "It’s the closest you’ll ever come to diving without getting wet!" Not wanting to take any chances, before playing Oceans Below I put on a wet suit, snorkel, and flippers, only to look like an ass when my in-laws stopped by unannounced. As it turns out, the "interactive experience" is more like browsing the special feature menu of a DVD. You simply navigate graphical menus with a cursor and click on fish for more information. Sure, there are some videos of people diving or conveying safety tips, but these small, grainy video clips hardly convey the "20,000 leagues under the sea" experience I had in mind. You begin by choosing one of the numerous worldwide dive locations, and are presented with a composite photograph showing a static ocean floor. Then can then scroll around the picture and click on objects, which initiate short but informative videos explaining what the heck you just clicked on. There are over 200 clips, and thankfully they tend to be short, although the picture quality should have been better. Occasionally you’ll stumble across tiny pieces of "not-so-buried treasure", but it’s not too exciting. I suppose you could learn something from this CD, especially if you’re interested in diving, but the loading time really ruined it for me. In the end, it’s just another failed 3DO experiment.
1 player

Кроссплатформенная игра! - Off-World Interceptor


Lead Programmer: Greg Marquez
Programmers: Lloyd Pique, Brian Brandt, Gary Herman
Lead Artist: Suzanne Dougherty
Artist: David Pounders
Lead Designer: Jay Minn
Designers: Jeronimo Barrera, Noah Hughes, Producer Bill Mitchell

Product Manager: Jim Curry
Design Concept: Jon Horsley, Dan Arey
Tile Art: Maj Cole, Kevin Miller
Additional Art: Juan Ruiz, Noah Hughes, Andy Mitchell
Additional Programming: Troy Gillette
Additional Design: Jeremy Bredow
Storyboards: Juan Ruiz, Andy Mitchell, Vince Castillo
Music Compositions: Burke Treischmann
Additional Composition: Steve Henifin
Sound Effects: Steve Henifin
Manual Writer: Carol Ann Hanshaw
Tools Developers: David Kirk, Sean Vikoren

Lead Product Tester: Joe Ganis
Testers: Wesley Gittens, Erik Griss, Jarisse Asao, Steve Groll, Tim Jordan, Mike Devincenzi, Egan Hirvela, Seth Carus, Mark Ybarra, Richard Niedzwieck, Dusty Bedford, Phillip Chou, Riley Cooper, Alex Ness

Couch Potato Silhouettes: Joe Ganis, Mark Ybarra
Writer: Rick Weaver
Casting: Lynn Weaver
Compression: Dan Brazelton
Directed by: Phil Scarpaci
Produced By: Robert Weaver


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Eric Lindstrom, Fred Ford, Sheri Cohen, Caroline Esmurdoc, Bill Willis, Rebkah Ramos, Honey Udarbe, Red Boy Pizza, The Juice Club

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