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  • Система: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Игроков: 1
  • Издатель: Pixis Interactive
  • Разработчик: Electric Dreams
  • Год выпуска: 1994


NeuroDancer: Journey Into The Neuronet! Pixis 1994 US

Designed by Jerry Thorpe.

Description: Super-clumsy adult title where you trudge along boring, identical hallways to gain credits that you can use to dial up the strippers of Neuronet. At least at that point, the "game" gets good.

NeuroDancer:Journey Into The Neuronet/Pixis/1994
This game is hilarious! I think the hand that comes out of nowhere and the hairy palm that as your cursor are particulary funny. Your comrad from the future has a vacume cleaner hose wrapped around him in case things get dirty. This to me appears to be a game that was never finished. There is a friend that calls you while you are gone, leaves a message that he will call you back. Your landlord is asking for you to pay up on your rent. Police officers notifying you there are theives in the area, and nothing materializes from these things. Seems like the programmers had something in mind but just gave up and released what they had. This title has some decent electronica/drum and base/techno music in it. The object is to move your robot around a maze and find ATM machines to steal credits from. You then use those credits to pay for virtual strippers. As I have said in my other 3DO torrent uploads, visit the 3DO kid for a funny review and some screenshots of this game. http://fz1-3do.blog.co.uk/?tag=Neuro%20dancer.
P.S. I saw somebody command 140 bucks for this on Ebay because he said it was only 1 of 5 copies ever made, HA. People are so gullable.
ISO: 600MB
Full manuel and disc scans: totaling 4.36Mb: JPGs

Другие названия игры - Neuro Dancer, NeuroDancer - Journey Into The Neuronet


Director: Paul Wu
Concept: Mark Alamares
3DO Programming: Jerry Thorpe
Lead 3D Design: David Lo
Lead 2D Design: Noel Saw
Quality Assurance: Anthony Gomez
3DO Pacakaging Design: Paulo von Borries
Videographer: Nicholas Wood
Live Action Director: David Leigh
Key Grip: Mole Burns
Virtual Hand: Buck Mcgiver
Make Up: Paige Glover
Girl 1: Jennifer
Girl 2: Katara
Girl 3: Kim
Hacker: Todd Lacroix
Landlord: Ray Haye
Wired Dude: Patrick Young
Weatherman: Jorge Gaubman
Pirate TV Guy: Anthony Gomez
Music: Excalibur

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